The Record Label in 2016

IndieTracks-LogoPO! at IndieTracks in 2016

PO! are delighted to perform at this year’s IndieTracks Festival

The band will be playing on Saturday 30th July (5pm – Indoor Stage)

Ruth PO! will be playing a solo set on Sunday 31st July (8.20pm – Church Stage)

Please see the Festival’s website for tickets, times and further details.

Here’s what they say about the band:

This classic indie-pop band played a big part in the world of fanzines, DIY record pressing and worldwide mail order before the Internet was a thing. Ruth PO! started the band as well as being the founder of indie record label Rutland Records. Ruth PO!’s songs are great pop tunes  but often there’s a barbed edge in the lyrics. Songs such as ‘Sunday Never Comes Around’ and ‘Appleseed Alley’ are indie-pop gold, and the band will be playing some of the music that gained them a John Peel Session in 1994 and NME single of the week in 1997.

A compilation album released by IndieTracks 2016 features tracks by PO! and Ruth PO!


STN-PosterPO! at the Firebug Bar in Leicester; a warmup gig for IndieTracks on Friday 22nd July.

A Sweeping The Nation presentation featuring PO!, MJ Hibbert and The Validators, and The Sunbathers

Please see the Firebug’s website for further details.